Holy Christ What A Mess
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Holy Christ What A Mess


Holy Christ What A Mess - all recorded on Dec 14 2006

1) Come All ye Faithfull

2) Frosty The Plough Guy

3) Little Strummer Boy

4) Merry New year ah hahahahah

5) If This Is Christmas Then Give Us An Egg Nog

6) Silent Night

7) Oh, what Fun

8) I Wanna Smoke Some Mistletoe With You

9) Deep And Crisp And Cruel

10)Jingle's Blue Bells

11)Hava Nagila

12)Joy To King Rudolph

13)Bright Red Pimps In The Snow

14)I Wanna Boxing Day Bum Rush With You

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Silent Night mp3

Track #6, time: 1:39, 1.5 mb