Bleeding Veterinarian Mule
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Bleeding Veterinarian Mule


Bleeding Veterinarian Mule - all recorded on Nov 21 2006


1) Ant Hill Stompers

2) The Politics Of Smoking

3) Meat Specialists

4) Wild On The Street

5) Get our Hoe Down

6) Why Do They Laugh At The Pigeons

7) Ice Cream Piety

8) The Toy Buster

9) Got Those Coughing Lung Spews

10)For Want OF A Better Bird

11)Manic Gifts In panic Town

12)Monday Morning Shootout

13)Party Sausages

14)Will Texas Sink The Zipper

15)Pesio Animal Spit

16)The Alcoholics Toilet Brush

17)The Front Line Grind

18)Countdown To Plebiscite

19) Bleeding Veterinarian Mule

20)There's No Courage Like Discourage

21)Night Night Wretch My Love

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The Toy Buster mp3

Track #8, time: 2:20, 2.2 mb